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Private Patients

My Private Patient practice is conducted at the Bristol Royal Infirmary & Bristol Heart Institute where I am a Consultant. I also undertake outpatient and consultation appointments and perform surgery at the Spire Hospital Bristol.

For appointments and information, please contact my private secretary.

Hannah Nef
T: 07756 511594

Clinics & Surgery

Clinic: Monday morning
Surgery: Tuesday and Friday all day

Patients with UK Health Insurance

Many patients take advantage of their private or company health insurance schemes to have greater control over the timing and location of surgery.

Heart surgery and the immediate aftercare demands excellent surgical facilities and highly trained staff. Hence it is fortunate that these are available as part of the Spire Bristol and Bristol University NHS Trust's services where you will have direct access to any additional facilities that provide specialist diagnostic, intensive care and monitoring as required which can be unavailable at smaller private hospitals.

Spire Bristol and The University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust offers a variety of services privately to patients.

Whilst it is possible to arrange a private consultation directly, it is preferrable to have a referral letter from your GP, (essential if you have health insurance and a good idea even if you do not). It is good practice to make sure your family doctor knows of any planned treatment and that he/she has the chance to let me know of any relevant medical conditions.

Also, the medical history provided by your family doctor can save time and help focus any investigations.

I recommend that you discuss with your private healthcare insurer should you wish to receive your private treatment via myself or at Spire Bristol or the University Hospital Bristol NHS Foundation Trust. They will clarify if there are any financial limits or exclusions for your policy.

As for any balances not covered by your private health insurance, these can be discussed and a quote or invoice detailing these charges can be provided.

Prior to treatment or procedure you will be required to provide my secretary with your insurance company details and membership or policy number so we can contact the insurer for pre-authorisation for your private treatment. In some cases your insurer may give you an authorisation number to quote to us.

If you are unable to provide your full insurance details prior to your private treatment you will be required to pay for services, medications and consultations on the same day.

Overseas & Self-funding Patients

For self-funded patients I am happy to provide estimates for the cost of treatment in advance.

The cost of treatment is the same whether you have private medical insurance or if you are funding your treatment yourself. There are approved lists of charges for all surgical procedures and the majority of surgeons use these as a guide.

As with most large private hospitals and treatment centres, myself in conjunction with the private services team at the hospital are able to provide an itemised 'package' price quotation that includes all of the costs involved – from accommodation to medication.

As your Consultant I will invoice you directly for my fees and this will be separate to hospital charges as per the price package.

If you are funding the cost of your private treatment yourself, you will be required to settle the full amount of the price package before your private treatment or procedure. 

You will receive an invoice for any outstanding amount at the end of your private treatment and this will need to be paid to the Finance Department promptly.